7 ways to cheap flight tickets

cheap flight tickets

Are you on a budget, but you want to travel by air? If that is the case, you should learn some tricks on how you can get flight deals. Below are 7 things that you can take advantage of for you to reduce the amount of money you need to spend flying.

1. Take Advantage of the 24-hour Rule

Find the flight that you want. Then check the cancellation and rebooking policy of the airliner you will choose. If no penalties will be applied to you if you cancel within 24 hours or rebook your cancelled flight, you can do this step with no risk.

Book a schedule on the airliner you chose. After that, wait for 24 hours; the next step is to check if the price of the ticket or flight you booked dropped. If it did, cancel your booking, and rebook.


2. Take Advantage of Last Minute Trips

With this one, you must be diligent in monitoring airline companies and your email’s inbox. It is common that airliners drop the price of their flight deals when some of their weekend trips failed to reach the minimum number of passengers. Typically, they post fliers on their site or send email alerts to their newsletter subscribers to inform them that they will cut down their prices for those trips


3. Take Advantage of Wednesday Flights

Aside from weekends, airline companies suffer from lack of passengers during Wednesdays. This is particularly true for local flights. In case you cannot wait for cheap flights during weekends, it is best that you settle for a Wednesday trip. According to frequent travelers, the best time to book your Wednesday flight is on Tuesdays (3PM to be precise) since Wednesday flight discounts are usually given around that time.


4. Take Advantage of the Social Media Accounts of Airliners

Back then, the only way for people to know if there are cheap flights is through word of mouth and visiting the homepages of airlines. Now, you can be regularly updated with flight promotions by adding or liking them using your social media accounts in Facebook or Twitter. The only problem is that these promotions get exposed faster to more people. So, you have to grab the offer fast before others take all the promotional flight seats.


5. Take Advantage of Morning Flights

The first flights of the day are usually the cheapest. If you cannot catch or ride one during that hour, you might want to settle for cheap airline flights during lunch or dinner, which are the next cheapest.


6. Take Advantage of “Get Cheap Flights” Hand Books

Books revealing secrets on how to get cheap airline flights are appearing on the internet. If you want to get one of the most detailed, it is best that you get the book from Best-Flight-Deals.net. The book will provide you with techniques that will cover the smallest up to the ‘dirtiest’ secrets of getting cheap flights!


7. Take Advantage of Booking on Two Different Airliners

Unlike before, cheap one-way flights are now more common and available to people. Because of that, before you book a two-way flight, check first if there are outbound and inbound one-way flights that are cheaper than the cheapest two-way flights. The only disadvantage of this technique is that the quality of service that you might experience will not be consistent.


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